In a fine piece on National Review Online, Jonah Goldberg makes an important point. Our good president loves to lecture others on issues with a moralizing “better than thou” attitude. It is always the other side the one who is not objective, sensible, and pragmatic. Every time he says, “The American people will not tolerate” this or that he means that in his mind, Obama’s position is always that of the American people.

Jonah reminds us that Obama promised to raise taxes even if he knew that lowering them would create more revenue:

“During a primary debate, he was asked by ABC’s Charles Gibson if he would raise the capital-gains tax even if he knew that cutting it would generate more revenue for the government. The non-ideologue responded that raising the tax, even if doing so would lower revenue, might be warranted out of “fairness.” As he said to Joe the Plumber, things are better when you “spread the wealth around.””

The Ideologue in Chief indeed stands on a stubborn class struggle stance where tax increases on some Americans is a dogma he supports on ideological grounds, even if he tries to sell it on pragmatic reasons. The government overspends and the people pays the bill.

Obama does not want to rein in spending to manageable labels for ideological reasons and the pragmatic reason of a coming election. The last thing a leftist politician wants is not to have a “stash” ready for election time splurging.  If Obama were less ideological, he would have seen the last Congressional election as what it really was: the American people overwhelmingly asked for cutting our spending. Our problem is our spending not revenues. But when you think that raising taxes is a matter of “justice” you will insist on doing it regardless of what majorities think.

The way these ideologues are treating this is similar to the way the Palestinians negotiate with Israel. They offer promises of peace in the future in exchange of land now to strategically strangle Israel. The tangible is given and the ephemeral never materializes.

Now, the ideologues on the left promise future cuts in spending (which they know they have no intention of fulfilling; nor the capacity to bind future Administrations to them) in exchange for raising taxes and the debt ceiling now. They call that pragmatic…