European and American elites have been on a campaign to convince all of us that if you don’t recycle you are a bad person and that if we do not allow for redistribution of wealth to “fix the planet”, well, you are a monster. For years, the “better than-thou” extremist environmentalists giving us that doomsday scenario have been using sophisticated computer models to make wild predictions of Armageddon.

Armed with these supposedly accurate predictions in hand, United Nations lefties demand that the West pays about $2 trillion a year  and up to $76 trillion in ten years to develop “green” technologies in the non-Western world. They have been very successful in using the typical collectivist tactic: create a crisis, demand action, confiscate property, dare anyone who disagrees to even speak by shaming them.

The problem is that actual data (not models) continues to falsify the theory of man-made global warming. As The New American reports, eleven years of data collection by NASA shows that “the atmosphere is releasing heat into space far more quickly than radical environmentalists imagined could be possible.” When the models based on predictions are confronted with real data, the models are been proven wrong!

As we know, scientists using the models make multiple assumptions from them. Among those assumptions was the inability of the planet to cool down by releasing excessive heat. The wild predictions that cannot be justified by evidence are at the heart of the movement to confiscate property, attack Capitalism and the West, and change the lives of millions for the worse on a goose-chase to nowhere.

All the way they continue to use the silly excuse that it is better to do it “just in case.” Our economy is harmed and our way of life tampered with because “just maybe” the globe is warming and we are doing it. Our present Administration, regrettably, is aligned with the folly. In the midst of our economic crisis, President Obama just announced additional CAFE (Corporate Average Fuel Economy)  standards for trucks and cars. The proposed mandate requires an average of 55 miles per gallon for all cars by 2025. The new standards will begin to be imposed incrementally starting in 2017 and meeting them will add about $10,000 extra or more to the cost of a vehicle. Automakers will have to reshuffle to acquire new technologies in a hurry and the smaller automakers may go under.

So, the market no longer determines what is produced. Instead, our big-government caretakers do. As ideology motivates the added regulations, they will fail, to great cost to us all.