We are in deep trouble! At this point, those on the right will start thinking of Obama and out-of-control spending. I sympathize with you but that is not why we are in trouble. My friends on the left may think of the opposite, a government apparently unwilling to go and bat for the little guy, support Main-Street instead of Wall-Street.  Here you are incorrect again, but without my sympathies.

I ruminate that we are in trouble because we are seeing the degradation of a culture that for long has cultivated dependency and entitlement. Everyone speaks of out-of-control spending while praying that whatever they do, hopefully they will not touch my slice of the pie. Yes, I’ll wave the anti-Obama flag but pray, in silence, that the Republicans don’t touch my Social Security or any other program I “benefit” from.

Those seeking to start a business talk of not having government grants to start them. Non-profits praising self-reliance go before government officials lamenting not having enough government grants to “invest” in our children. “Conservative” politicians sign bills they promised not to. Minority “leaders” continue to moan as Obama has not created the jobs he promised. (government jobs that is)

A whole society is now invested in dependency on a bloated government and laments why a man such as Obama gets elected. What did you expect! It seems as most Americans are not interested in keeping liberty at work, as long as they get some benefit they can sing praises to the flag and no more. Bastard forms of liberty always appeal to the common good to betray it, and to outrage when anyone dares to point it out.

What those who gave us liberty feared the most was tyranny, a tyranny of government caring too much, pretending to care too much. That tyranny is alive and well because it is supported by a culture that elevates the phantoms of security and benefit. So, we go on moaning about Obama this and Obama that while we keep feeding the monster. A free society cannot be sustain by free enterprise and laws alone, it needs a cultural ethos that affirms and lives the virtues feeding the efficient mouth of Markets. Do not expect the product to smell good if what you feed it is crap. Do not expect the system to survive with platitudes if you presser to live as a slave.