Civility is a nice word. In fact, it has been used very well by our President whenever he chooses to attack his opponents. I say this because his appeal to civility seems very much lopsided and self-serving. His selective condemnation is very telling as it only occurs when he thinks opponents are to be blamed. At times it is used when no actual guilt can be acknowledge but instead attributed to unrelated events.

After the very unfortunate shooting of Democrat congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords and several other people near Tucson by a deranged man, the left jumped to condemn “the right” as responsible somehow for the incident. The president immediately jumped to condemns incivility in politics. This was an obvious attempt to associate his political opponents with extremism. Later we found out that the man had as many leftist ideas as he had “right-wing” ones.

Many in the Media even blamed Sarah Palin and other specific people as supposedly creating a negative climate by using rhetoric. Yet, when the left descended with violence into Wisconsin, we only heard the crickets.  Massachusetts Democratic Representative Michael Capuano went to a rally and spoke of doing more than talking and the need to “get bloody.”  More cricket sounds. There were plenty of accusations of Republicans being Nazis, the Governor being Hitler and actual violent outbursts and death threats. Not a peep.

Now, members of the absurd Congressional Black Caucus are going on with vicious accusations against the Tea Party and not a sound by the “civility-driven” President! I mean, I wish I could believe our President when he speaks of calming our rhetoric but he is obviously concern in scoring political points. The worse representative in history, after Cynthia McKinney, Maxine Waters is going around talking about sending people to hell and threatening banks with tax hikes to take them out of business. Congressman Andre Carson said that the Tea Party wants to see blacks being lynched! Where is the “civility-driven” President?  Let me hear the speech again.