My greatest hero is Thomas Sowell. I just heard an interview with him and as always, he was full of wisdom. An important point he made was this:

“In what ways you were lucky?” he was aske.

“Because I learned things I could not learn other ways….I learned that people who were ordinary people knew far more than I did even though they were not intellectuals and even though I read more books than they had. I spent several years like that So,  I never had this condescending attitude toward ordinary people that  so many intellectuals have. I realized that those people knew a heck of a lot. They knew a lot about things that mattered.”

The experts are there to guide us in what to do, how to think, what to values, what to eat, how to conduct our business and what is “just.” The pulpits are filled with religionists telling us about how evil the rich are and how we cannot trust people. Compassion must be directed from government and we cannot leave decisions to people. They tell us that the economic game is riged because some fail. Govewrnment must fix things even though it also fails. But concentrationg knowledge and authority in the hands of intellectuals, “good” politicians, and annointed ones (themselves) is better than leaving things undirected, in the hands of the barbarian hoi poloi

Sowell continued with an advice for a young American:

“Learn all you can before you reach conclusions. There are plenty of people out there who have pre-packaged conclusions for you to reach. You have to build up a level of knowledge and experience so that you are no longer putty in the hands of someone else who has his own agenda.”

Academia is full of people who have pre-packaged conclusions for young people entering college. They learn what to believe, not how to think. ‘Occupy’ is filled with such people. Media is filled with such people. The black community is filled with such people.  They have preconceived ideas about the world and have been indoctrinated that way. Then they read to justify the pre-conceptions.  Government is filled with them. Today, we have an Administration that ios built on preconceptions about the way things are. That is why they seek solutions from above. They have an inordinate trust in bureaucrats ands experts from academia and distrust the common man.

The left controls Academia and is not interested in dialogue and inquiry. It is interested in activism, ideology, and indoctrination. Our children go to school and we entrust them in the hands of the know-all “intellectuals” who contamine their minds with hubris.

We all need to follow Thomas Sowell’s advice.