What happens when an army occupies a city? Mayhem. To ‘occupy’ implies forcibly taking something from someone else. It implies imposing a rule over those who do not want you there.

There is a worthy tradition of dissent and protest in America. The early Civil Rights Movement was confronted with a truly evil system that prevented citizens from life as equals. Martin Luther King, Jr. and other courageous civil rights leaders were not occupying anything, instead they were claiming rights that belong to them. They demanded what everyone else took for granted. They wore signs stating “I am a Man” while respectfully and peacefully protesting. They sat at lunch counters as everybody else normally could only to be pelted with garbage and abused by mobs, with police standing by and doing nothing. They requested permits, often denied for no good reason. They walked in peace and silence, often kneeling in prayer. Whenever they confronted police was in areas where any honorable and law-abiding citizen would have done so in the face of evil.

Is this what we see at “Occupy”?  No.  Lawlessness and rage reigns there. They often have no intention of requesting permits to stay where everyone else needs to request them. They have created areas where they think the government has no power over and where criminals find refuge. They lavish confrontation with the police at the simplest request from them. Instead of complying they go into attack mode with the police, whom the last time I checked, are members of the so-called 99%. In Oakland, they called for a general strike. Reason? Police asked them to move out of a camp they have created near City Hall and about 100 were arrested, with one person seriously injured. They could have avoided the whole thing but their immediate inclination is to oppose authority. Then they decided to create more  havoc. All this time we are talking of a few people, the immense majority of workers and regular citizens absent as they are too busy working. Yes, it is shameful that unions are aligning with mobs but union leaders seem to be comfortable been seen as mobsters.

At every turn, they describe police action as abusive. The reality is that none of that is true, as  police has been more than magnanimous. No one is against anyone protesting but against anyone thinking they determine all the rules of their protest. Occupy is not a movement, it is a mob. A movement has defined goals and accountable leadership. Anarchic mobs lack both, so no one can be held accountable. Destructive forces within the mob cannot be stopped by those caught up in it that are not for the violence because accountability is avoided.  As anarchy reigns, the only way out of that situation is by releasing the tension through violence.

A huge sign carried by the mob at a rally caught my eye: “Death to Capitalism!” All this makes me conclude that ‘Occupy’ is not interested in reform to certain aspects of our system but it is for a rejection of our system in favor of another. They are not for reforms in Capitalism but against it. It is hard to understand how anyone can still have hopes of finding redeeming values in this mob.

There was no hope of this mob ever been positive for America. The threads of the curve ball of radicalism could be seen from the beginning for anyone willing to look. And we should be ready for more violence. Hy?  No civilized society can tolerate areas of mob rule forever. The radicals know this and are praying for confrontation. Of course they have no right to occupy property and real estate that is not theirs where we can increasingly see crime ruling. They know that sooner or later they have to be moved and they are salivating on the opportunity to react. I say, let them have it.