Exaggeration is the food that nurtures bureaucratic meddling. Verbal exaggeration converts what are inconveniences and natural obstacles of life into tragedies of existence in need of direct action to find “solutions.”

As systemic processes are oppressive, intentional action by those with the necessary knowledge and the good intentions is essential. We must then concentrate that knowledge and good will in an institution ready and able to effect the greatest change: government. Increasing government power is seen as absolutely necessary if we are sincere about change. The hoopla about hope requires our willingness to give power to the state. A managed economy becomes essential to progress when solutions can be found by the action of the anointed ones.

The world of those who believe in such expansive understanding of our capacity to change the world is a neatly arranged one. If something bad happens we can fix it and we must find the culprits of the awful condition to make them pay. What we need is the will to see the possibilities of a brand new universe controlled by cosmic justice; everything has an answer and it is in the palm of our hands. The world of expansive rationality is one where, if we just concentrate knowledge and power to “invest” enough, we can solve every problem at hand.  This is a world where systemic injustice can be remedied by intentional direct action. Heaven on earth is a real possibility.

If crime exists is because the poor are hopelessly poor. They only need the necessary things in life they have been deprived of by an oppressive system. Systems of oppression are the cause of the trauma suffered by those who then, in desperation, launch at others. They are victims, not criminals. You know who are the criminals? Those who oppress the poor; economic violence breeds physical violence. Can you dig it?

Social justice is what they need, not punishment. If they only can get training, good paying jobs, and counseling, they will not commit crimes. If mothers are irresponsible, we only need to offer them parenting skills classes and more food Stamps, and don’t forget of “affordable” child care. That will fix the problem of abuse and neglect. Poverty exist because vast and seemly inexhaustible resources are not distributed correctly. Just give the anointed the power to fix the ledger. If “people of color” are not properly represented in every area of life, it is due to systemic racism having its roots centuries ago. Let us then fix these historical wrongs by “leveling the playing field” now. (meaning, hammering equal results into the reality of systemic unequal outcomes) If things are tight, let us go and storm Wall Street, they have the money. In fact, as an Occupy utopian put it, let the poor print their own money!  That will solve the problem.

It is easy to see why this universe is so attractive. Who would want to live in the tragic world of reality?  Who would want to live in a world of diminishing returns, where not every appetite can be satisfied by making it right? Why settle for trade-offs if categorical solutions can be conceived in the mind and effect in the here and now? You see, effects are not tied to systemic causes, they are tied to our imagination. The only need we have is to locate the culprits of inequalities wherever we find them and indict them.  They need re-education or elimination. Let us simply call any undesirable circumstance “unacceptable” and any situation we dislike a “crisis”, and we can fix our problems. The will to change is what moves the engines of history and verbal inflation awakens our consciousness towards activism.

Cause and effect is a trick of the man. Reality is changeable by enlightened human action. We just need to look toward those who are enlightened and let them guide us. We have the answer and evidence to the contrary simply means that we have not done enough yet. Activist government must do more, the stimulus was not big enough, that is why we are in a mess.  Free health care, free education, free food,  a good paying job for all, more “diversity training”, that is what we need! Liberation is at hand if we just incentivize green jobs and spoon feed some healthy snacks to our children.  We can do it, man!

And don’t get me started with this thing about the law.  The “rule of law” must be changed by the rule of “enlightened men.” (and women and LBGTs too, of course) Why should we stick with the letter written by racist dead white males?  Why accept the limitations of their warped vision when we know what to do better? We are in continual evolution, we are the generation of the super men who finally get what we are to become!  Just give us the power or we will take it. The chains of rule of law are the last chains tying us to the Capitalist past and preventing us from bringing about the new and improved world of “evolved standards.” Rule of law got to go! Then we will get rid of the sins of racism, sexism, ageism, genderism, capitalism, whateverelseism. Remember, the Constitution is alive, a “living document” offered a new heart beat by the courageous imposition of a new vision.

Who needs a battle of ideas? What we need is a real revolution they tell us. Why are we wasting precious time?!  Can you dig it?

Can someone please shut off the door of freedom and turn off the lights?