Since when is pregnancy a decease? Why call contraception a part of preventive medicine and a “right”? There is no such right to acquire contraceptives, as much as so many use them. Yes, not all moral evils can be made illegal and people may choose to buy and use contraceptives. In fact, many Christian churches have no problem with contraceptives. As much as I disagree with them, and yes, I am married and we have never used contraception, they have a right to establish their doctrine and to conduct their affairs and run their institutions they way they see fit.

But there is no such thing as a right to contraception that establishes an obligation of government to provide it to anyone. Even less a power of government to force Christian institutions to provide them to their employees. The very idea of forcing ministries to pay for these devices, even if these churches find the act evil, is astonishing. The so-called compromise is only a political gimmick that hides the way churches will pay for what they consider immoral, instead of directly, they will pay by paying higher premiums.

And who the President thinks he is to force companies to provide anything “free”? He knows that nothing is free and that the people will end up paying for whatever comes as an unfunded mandate. But the audacity to pretend that government can impose its will and its morality on civil society is reprehensible, shameful! As many have established, this is not about contraception but about liberty, the freedom of religious organizations to define their moral universe and run their organizations. The Administration is attempting to use contraception as a political hook. As so many are for contraception, if they violate religious freedom for the sake of condoms, they think they have a winner. Again, shameful. Archbishop of New York Timothy Dolan said it best:

“Does the federal government have the right to tell a religious individual or a religious entity how to define yourself?…This is what gives us greater chill.”

No. The state has absolutely no right to intervene in the affairs of churches, regardless of whether or not members of those churches individually violate church teaching. You can call contraception all you want to make it look as a medical necessity and the State still has no right to intervene in the affair of churches. If you want insurance with contraception go and work for a secular or religious institution that has no problem with contraception. If you want to work for the Catholic Church, you then must respect the right of the Church, and her ministries, to offer only what we consider morally upright. As there is no civil right to receive contraceptives from insurance, you must make certain that your employer is willing to offer them. Or you pay for them yourself!
Today it is contraception, sterilization, abortion. Tomorrow, it may be something you abhor but government calls beneficial. Our liberties are at stake!