The idea that our president is siding with the majority who use contraception to offer them what is a right is ludicrous. This is not about contraception but the president apparently thinks that in making it about contraception he gets political leverage. I hope people can see through the political rhetoric and understand this as a frontal assault on religious liberty.

The issue is very simple, first, there is no such right to contraception. If you think contraception is good and moral, well, that is your opinion. But to then make it a positive right that needs to be offered you as an entitlement is an incomprehensible absurdity.  Second, if you work for a Catholic institution or ministry, you are to expect that such institution offer you benefits consistent with their values. You are not to expect that the Church will offer you certain benefits that violate the doctrines of the Church. As you do not have a right to work for Catholic Charities, a Catholic school or a Catholic hospital or university, you cannot demand such benefit by virtue of working there.

If you want that benefit, you must pay for it or find any other way that does not involve the Church paying for it. The Church is not telling you that as a condition of employment you cannot use contraception, in fact, that is never asked. To say then that the Catholic Church wants to “control” women is just a political ploy to deviate the issue from what it is, a frontal assault on religious freedom.