Where is a good old government shutdown when you need it? Some people decry them but the less time bureaucrats and politicians have at work, the better for the rest of us, especially when people invent a crisis. “Crisis” is the bread and butter of statists! As Rahm Emmanuel infamously said, “You never want a serious crisis to go to waste.”

Yes, respond to a crisis (or make one up), inundate Media with calls for action, get politicians involved (and photographed looking either concerned or outraged), notify Al Sharpton if the issue has anything to do with race (well, that means everytime…), demand the creation of more laws (with corresponding budgetary increases), and thus expand government little by little, crisis by crisis, outrage by outrage. Of course, afterwards,  you must know what to do:

  1. Suspend debate and shame anyone daring to want to “turn back the clock”;
  2. Attack the opposition with government-style economics (that is, increases are always cuts if you don’t get all you want). Remember, the opposition will be too scared to cut funding but you can still accuse them of starving children or what-have-you;
  3. Proclaim the problem solved with a nice ribbon cutting at some bureaucratic joint (click, click, more pictures…);
  4. Claim that we did not invest enough and that is why things are getting worse instead of better;
  5. Sprinkle number four with a “Things would have been even worse if we did not intervene, you know.”  Reminder: That can be used even in the many cases where things were in fact getting better before you intervened.

Now the hoodied masses (yes, I know, I just couldn’t resist to make up the word) of House of Representatives statists  and racialists want to give us laws after the tragic incident in Florida (You know, the one where a Hispanic Democrat  who used to mentor black kids, did not use a racial slur, nor volunteered the race of the young man who was unfortunately killed) Yes, just make it more difficult for honest citizens to own guns and next time maybe only the New Black Panther Party affiliates will have them to intimidate with ransoms.

All the elements are there now to move forward the Great Behemoth and steal one more piece of the pie of liberty to prevent free men to protect themselves. The throngs of busybody rule-makers that fill the Houses of Congress are getting ready to offer more power to the throngs of busybody government bureaucrats and rule-enforcers to constrain our lives even more and leave us at the mercy of those who benefit from government imposition by not caring at all about the next law in the books.

After all, a life taken, is but one more block in the great wall of collectivism. The crisis ought not go to waste.