So many of us are eagerly engaged in the politics of the moment because it is what can be seen. We see certain threats in the present political class entrenched in power and we want to stop them. If we are honest, however, we have a mea culpa to recite, as, for long, we ignored to do the groundwork necessary to rebuild the foundations of a society that respects freedom. As countries get the governments they deserve, we should not be surprised that the chickens might now be coming home to roost. Macrosystems, after all, are often the result of incremental tiny changes on what lies beneath, steady buildups of cultural and social layers of consciousness that eventually pup up.

We have descended into a nominalistic society where universals are said to lack real existence, and this did not happen just yesterday. Words are now given new meaning at the will of a generation that truly did not know learn the basics as we were dormant in our comfort, taking liberty for granted. The new meanings are now placed at the service of ideology or convenience and we don’t like it…Too bad. The reality that can be perceived by the mind has been substituted by the perception of our senses or the taste of our appetites, what a surprise!

We hear now of “my opinion” or “our group’s opinion” as if they equate reality itself. Where were we teaching the constitution or having group discussions years ago, before we felt threatened by Obama? Many of us were simply listening approvingly to the siren sounds of Republicans who were as invested in big government as any socialist is; but they were our Progressives in conservative clothing and we liked it. Yes, admit it! Where was the outrage when Bush began to implement Keynesian economics with his stimulus? Or when he federalized airport employees, as if a Federal badge on them made them suddenly efficient? We were there justifying it. Yes, say it.

The new worldview that is now so strongly built on feelings instead of truth took decades to form and we were basking on the sun of comfort. The man of culture and thought is now shunned as archaic and elitist; out of touch with modernity. Who is now celebrated? One is the barbarian who despises mores and is “true to himself.” Authenticity is his hallmark regardless of the kind of person he is. The barbarian thinks he knows by intuition and perception and is not moved by logic and reason, as the latter are two poles of the same weapon used by the “oppressors.”

So, you can go to Occupy Wall Street and ask simple, basic questions about society or about what they actually believe and they often have no clue of what you are asking. It is for them unimportant to explain, the issue real is feeling things and thrusting forward. Or you can ask an old revolutionary about theory and he replies, “I don’t know, I only know about revolution.” And they push it forward. And now you and I want to stop them? Can reason now prevail against the powerful exertions of appetite? Were we blind then?

The other celebrated species is the degenerate. Deviance propped up by popular demand has become the new “compassion”, always ready to understand and never willing to confront. But the age of alibi formed long ago, justified by foolish research paper after foolish research paper presented to young people in colleges where we sent them. But we were then trying to elect the new Progressive Republican.

Maybe it is that it looks like it is going to finally rain and I am pessimistic or maybe it is just time for us to understand that we can win an election and still lose a country if we do not return to the basics of what liberty is. I am afraid that if the present Administration were to lose the next election many of us will grow complacent by what is seen and forget that the foundations are still eroding. Politics is but a tip of a solid cultural iceberg just beneath the surface and if we only look at the tip, disaster of Titanic proportions still awaits us. To look at Barak Obama as the great evil that needs to be stopped is simply a great mistake we are committing, confusing the effect with the cause.

Because culture is more powerful than politics, pre-rational worldviews are more essential than the present articulated policies we hate. Thus, as we fight for freedom we most move from a fight based on the concept of freedom from certain constraints into a deeper fight based on the idea of freedom for what we hold dear. We better not forget.