What happens after decades of welfare state indoctrination? Extreme living and extreme thinking begin to prevail. For long you told people they were entitled to the cradle to grave benefits of the nanny state and all of a sudden you are being told the inevitable: we ran out of money.

But you told us that was not the case and that those who warned against it were evil droids who wanted to “turn back the clock.” You told us that the welfare state was a healthy and necessary basic community of a modern, sophisticated, and advanced society. Ideas about individual freedom and markets, you told us, were antiquated notions advanced by the elite and by those pesky, uncouth Americans. But us Europeans? We know better, we speak many languages, we are the ones who really recycle and are open-minded, we drink real wine with our food all the time, for crying out loud!

After generational indoctrination in the wonders of socialism you now want us to go out and compete?  You want to reduce my pension? Are you telling me I do not have a guaranteed job and that my boss is going to judge my performance?  Are you nuts? What is wrong with you?! Let us go back to the streets and protest. We need to break something.

Better, let us use democracy to bring in our buddies who will spend more and more and fix this. There is no problem here, just tax the rich more, confiscate it all, “Happy Days Are Here Again!”  Wait, that is American, don’t say that. “Liberté, Egalité, Fraternité… or something…”