Isn’t it ironic? A man owns a business that sells chicken.  The business creates jobs for thousands of people and profits for the owner. His business has a policy against discrimination for its employees and conducts its business as so many others do. The only difference is that he closes on Sundays (There you go, a religious nut!) Exercising his freedom of speech rights, the man let us know that he believes that marriage is exclusively between a man and a woman.  He also supports organizations that agree with him (what a surprise!)  In fact, his position is exactly the same our president held until just a few weeks ago and the position that human civilization has held for thousands of years.

Suddenly, there is commotion in the halls of government. Elected officials across the country begin to threaten that business with government power. Even one of the men who helped elect the president who then held the very same position yells, “Your values are not our values!” “You are not welcomed here. Farrakhan is welcomed but you are not!”

A couple of well-known private men who once ran for office decide to support the constitutional rights of the businessman and organize a campaign to support that business. They ask people to voluntarily use their own money to buy the guy’s chicken. All hell breaks loose. “How you dare? Who in the world you think you are to use your own money to buy that hateful chicken?”

Here comes the irony. Another group of people, exercising the same constitutional rights, decides to have a “counter-protest.” The protest is not against government officials impeding free speech but against the guy who sells chicken. They not only do not like the food, they do not like his opinion. They organize a silly “gay kissing” protest in front of Chick-Fil-A.  After all, they have a right to do that. “Isn’t government there to protect our expression even if others dislike it?” they surely asked.

They are intent on telling the businessman, “In your face, buster!”  They are going to show him by doing exactly what he dislikes and dare him to do anything against it. But this time, they have nothing to fear from government!  In fact, their protest is protected even against those whose sensibilities they openlyoffend and protected by the arm of the very institution that threatened the businessman. If anyone might fear something is anyone who might even look the wrong way while they publicly display their affection.

They see no problem in displaying their behavior even if it is opposed by so many because they have a constitutional right. The other man is out of luck.