Rob Parker of ESPN says RGIII is not “one of us.” He is not black enough. Why? Well, he has a white fiancee, he graduated with honors and early, he is “suspected” of being a Republican.

He is right, racialist Parker is right. That is the way the left defines blackness. Blackness means ideological conformity and the losing of one’s individual identity into a sea of meaningless racial categorization. If you think of it, these racialialists and their intellectual leaders are the new gnostics. They preach a dualism where true self is identified with consciousness. A true black person refers to a consciousness that identifies with a very specific ideological position. That consciousness happens to inhabit a non-personal body that may or may not be black.

Dualism inflicts a wound in the heart of blacks by victimizing them as much as racism did in the past. In the past, masters pretended to control the mental, emotional and physical life of slaves by force. They saw a black body and imposed on it an oppressive punishment. It was indeed due to our physicality that oppression was offered. Now, racialists forget about that body and concentrate on the ideas held by a person. This new boundary, as in the past, fails to recognize the wholeness that is there, body and soul united in one being.

Now the imposition is as injurious, as it deprives the individual person, made in God’s very image, of the right to be oneself, to think as his conscience dictates. The new masters think that group-think is necessary to be a member of the group, that isolated category is used to oppress as much as the isolated category of a black skin was used in the past. It comes to be that the black left has long forgotten cousins, white racists and slave owners!

However, thank God that the buffoonery that dualism is is just that, nonsense. And thank God many of us could care less about what these self-proclaimed gatekeepers say!