Walls of silence and oppression still hover over the face of minority communities. These walls have been built on lies; the lies of collectivism. The collectivist mindset tells us that our destiny lies not in the intimacy of inner straighten and the surprise of risk and engagement. Our destiny is not tied to self assertion and personal responsibility. Instead, we are moved by forces so powerful that they cancel our best efforts, offering a safe alibi justifying giving up.

We are told again and again that we are an embattled community whose dogged strength cannot survive the trust of structures born in sin, born in hatred of our skin. Behind every tree we can find the enemy, pale and uncaring, whose eyes ominously await for the opportunity to launch their assault. These demons are hidden, built within institutions, so we can blame them always, we can explain reality by way of that narrative and dare others to demand evidence. In that doomed existence we can only fight for justice, a justice that demands results and promises benefit; we are justified. The state, hated as it remains, owes us a victory over the reality of our existence and to say otherwise is to blame the victims we have been made to be.

In the midst of such externalist explanation of black reality we proclaim a new way, a new vision. This vision trusts us as the most efficient agents of our development. It trust us as capable of overcoming these walls of silence and oppression and liberate our minds from the fears of the other and the powerful temptations towards inertia. Moreover, it distrusts the narrative of our collective vitimization by sending us in the direction of the individual person, unique and unrepeatable, capable of doing the good and knowing the truth. It offers a horizon of possibility readily available to those who have faith and choose personal responsibility for their lives.

The Freedom & Virtue Institute rejects the vision of America that holds us captives to alienation from full engagement and affirms that there lies before us our destiny as Americans; we are not foreigners in diaspora, we belong! Our Effective Compassion Training focuses on offering this new vision of human flourishing that builds its power in human freedom and virtuous behavior. We will consider an honor to bring our Effective Compassion training to your church. Please visit our institute’s website to learn more and watch the accompanying video.

The Freedom & Virtue Institute